Book Review

Dorothy Must Die - Danielle  Paige

So let me just tell you that I loved this book so much!! I cannot wait for the second one.



Amy Gumm is just a regular girl. Sure her mom is an alcoholic pill popper, who hasn't really been a mom in years, and her dad left them when she was just a little girl. But overall normal right? Wrong! After a tornado whisks Amy, and her trailer home away, she finds her self, Along with her pet rat, in the land of Oz. But Oz isn't the way Amy thought it to be. Everything was upside down, good is bad and bad is good. All because Dorothy came back. The only way to save Oz is to kill Dorothy.


My thoughts:

The beginning kind of starts out a little slow. I found that I really wanted to slap Amy in the face, because she was so clueless. I mean she literally had everyone she met explain to her what happened to Oz. LIKE. EVERY. TIME... But after she got over that hill, I found her character to be very likeable. I also thought that the characters she met  when she first came to Oz would remain with her. Boy was I wrong. If you get very attached to characters, you shouldn't in this book. There is I guess you can say two possible love interest in this book, but will lets just say you need to read the book to understand. I really hope the author goes deeper into some of the characters, like Nox, and two wicked witches.

I really loved how the author seemed to have an answer for every possible question. You could really tell she put time and effort into Amy's character, as well as, the story in general.


I give this book a 5 out of 5 star rating.