City of kill me now because all my favorite characters are going to die

City of Heavenly Fire  - Cassandra Clare

Hello book world. So there are only 19 day until the release of City of Heavenly Fire, and as we all know our favorite author Cassandra Clare loves to torture us with her hints. So far we know that six people are going to die in this final installment of The Mortal Instruments, one of those characters will be a boy friend, and another will die trying to save someone else. I don't know about y'all, but I'm kind of scared to read COHF.... Just saying. But knowing that six people are going to die has me wondering who will those six people be? So today I am going to tell you guys my guesses on who will die. **Don't read if you have not read all The Mortal Instruments books, and The Infernal Devices books**


Person number one Jace Herondale(Lightwood/ Morgenstern/ Wayland):

If the reasons aren't clear as to why I feel like Jace will be one of the characters to die let me tell you. First of all in City of Bones Alec makes it clear that Jace would rather die, than to let evil prevail. Second off in the last two books he was brain washed, kidnapped, and turned into a human sun. He has escaped death more times then he can remember, and I feel like that's what Cassandra wants. She wants us to think he is unstoppable, so we wont be expecting his death. Another is he is really sort of tortured. I mean he was raised by a psycho that wanted to control human kind! As well as, he thought he was in love with his sister, when Clary isn't really his sister at all! (Jace will be the boy friend that will die)


  Person number two Luke Garroway:

Ahh Luke, the glasses wearing, book reading, wife stealing werewolf. His character is amazing, and I love that he loves Clary like his own daughter. But I just feel like him dying will be the proper tragedy that this series needs. Note that his death will come after him and Jocelyn get married so he would not be a boy friend. There isn't really a reason why I think he will die. I just have a feeling like he will.


Person number three Simon:

As we all know Simon has a reputation of not dying when he is suppose to die. So that is why I feel like this time he will really die. I mean no one will see it coming! And he isn't considered a boyfriend, because him and Isabelle never really confirmed what they where so if he dies before they even have the chance to put a name to it he is not a boy friend... My point is valid if I'm wrong I don't care!!


Person number four Raphael Santiago:

Raphael isn't really a main character, but he has had a lot of main roles in the series. He "saved" Simons life, he wanted to kill Simon for being a day lighter, he tried to get Camille over thrown as his leader. Also he has helped the shadow hunter crew quite a lot through out the whole series. I don't think his death will mean much to people, but I do feel like it will shock some. 


Person number five Alec Lightwood:

So Cassandra said that someone will also die trying to save someone else. Alec has spent his whole life trying to keep the people he loves safe while shadow hunting. Him and Magnus broke up in the City of Lost Souls, and I don't thing they will get back together. However, I feel like him and Magnus will start talking again, but won't have the chance to get back together. Note: Magnus cannot die because Tessa had just talked to him in Clockwork Princess, which takes place after City of Heavenly Fire.


Person number six Sebastian (Johnathan Morgenstern):

I don't think I need to explain why Sebastian dies... I mean the villain always dies!! Right? Although I really love Sebastian, and I will miss him dearly, but I feel like the stuff that he's done to everyone(including trying to get with his sister) out weighs the good I know he has.


So there it is! These are the people I think will die. I hope I'm wrong on most of them, because I really don't want to see any of my favorite characters go. The only thing I know for sure is that come May 28th I will be the one dead...